Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Curtain Holdbacks Placement Pictures Placement For Curtain/drapery Holdbacks?

Placement for curtain/drapery holdbacks? - curtain holdbacks placement pictures

I want my curtain, which are of medium thickness install. Is there a certain height / level to drill to the window frame to the ground and the prints? Moreover, there are bound to be some distance away from the window frame, or not at all, except the call from my eye?

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eskie lover said...

It's really broad perspective that you want to achieve. I have window treatments, when suddenly the curtain on the drama and add to a large window of the room, if we define Lingerie retention (eg 2 / 3 of the back exit from the summit) to the window. I love seeing my curtains, window treatments without too much plaster on the sides, the Assembly usually within a few inches from the window. Only the certainty that if you drill the wrong standard, which is used to secure your supporters Mollies plaster.

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